A call for benefactors

Many of you remember when the parish Radio began broadcasting on the frequency of 106.9FM back in 1995. 18 years have gone have and our Radio is still going strong, and indeed, it has made great progress from that humble beginning where we had almost no equipment and we were broadcasting on and off from the Capitular Hall of our Basilica.

Our Radio took a leap forward in 2002 when Fr Brian Mejlak took over its management. New studios were built over the southern sacristy and several broadcasting/transmission devices were purchased. In 2008, Fr. Brian was given the post of Archpriest in the Ta’ Kerċem parish. The Radio took a hit but with the help of Emily Muscat who took the Radio management in her hands, the Radio continued with its daily broadcasts. For this we thank her wholeheartedly, because were it not for her, the Radio would have had to shut down its operations. Emily recently advised the Archpriest that she did not wish to continue to manage the radio.

A small group of people was formed in early May and is now administering the Radio. We have already met several times and discussed what needs to be done with regard to the programmes and the studio equipment, most of which needs to be replaced or repaired. We have prepared a comprehensive schedule, one for the Imnarja feast and another one for the summer. We intend to finalise the autumn schedule shortly, which will include several new programmes and others by established presenters our parish.

An urgent problem is the purchase of a power generator so that when the electricity goes out (a fairly regular occurrence in the Maltese Islands), we can continue with the transmissions without any interruptions. The current backup system needs new batteries after 10 years of service, and to replace them would cost approximately €1,600. With that amount and some more added to it, we can buy a power generator that will meet our needs. There also a need to replace the computers in the studios, which after several years of service, are not worth upgrading. Two new air-conditioners have already been installed – one in each of our recording studios – and they will save hundreds of euros every year in electricity consumption that the original air-conditioning system was consuming. We also intend to change the lighting system in our studios to a more efficient one.

The radio website (https://www.radjuluminaria.com/) and the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/radju.luminaria) are also being updated regularly. Please visit them to learn what is going on.

Currently we are a staff of about 50 volunteers who contribute in one way or another to the daily running of the Radio. If you want to join us, contact us on the numbers that are shown above or via email. We will surely find you some work to do!

During the Festa season, you will appreciate more the necessity of the parish Radio, which is especially useful and appreciated by the sick, the elderly, disabled persons and emigrants, who cannot attend the church and be present for the external activities. All the upcoming feast activities will be broadcast live on the Radio on 106.9FM, as well as via streaming over the Internet on https://www.radjuluminaria.com/, and also via video on this website (http://www.mnarjalive.com/)

If you wish to give a contribution towards the current costs that we are incurring, you can do so by giving it to the Archpriest or to any of the persons listed below. A list of equipment that we need urgently is listed below. Emigrants may send their donation via PayPal by visiting http://www.mnarjalive.com/ or by sending a cheque to:

Radju Luminaria 106.9 FM,

Pjazza l-Arċipriet Dun Martin Camilleri,

Nadur NDR 1082, Gozo


A receipt will be given/sent for each donation received.

Thank you for your support over the years. May the Radio continue to flourish in the years to come. All this work is being done towards the common good of the parish and all of the Radio listeners. We wish you Happy Feast.

Fr. Joe Curmi
Joe Meilak
Dennis Mifsud
Cynthia Muscat
Stanley Portelli
Paul Portelli

Equipment required to bring our radio station up to date:

List of equipment needed for both Radju Luminaria and MnarjaLive.com

As the first phase of MnarjLive.com is now complete, thanks to all those generous Nadurin living both locally and around the globe, we are now looking forward in implement the second phase that will eventually help MnarjaLive.com and Radju Luminaria broadcast in a more clear, crisp and professional way.

Cordless Microphone
A good quality cordless microphone system to be used during outside live transmissions
Cost: about €300

4-channel mixer
For outside broadcast use
Cost: about €200

This will be used to supply power to our computers and transmitting equipment during a power outage. The old power backup system needs new batteries which are estimated to cost €1600. We thought it would be a better idea to purchase a new generator, which would serve our purposes better. It will automatically kick in a few seconds after a power outage occurs.
Cost: about €2400

UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
This will supply the power for a few seconds after a power outage until the generator power kicks in. Without the UPS, the radio equipment will still switch off when a power outage occurs, and when the generator power kicks in, all the equipment must still be restarted and adjusted manually.
Cost: about €200

New Playout and Server Systems
We need at least 2 new computers to replace our current aging ones. A PC older than 5-6 years is not worth upgrading, and we are thinking of purchasing new PCs so that we can have a more reliable service.
Cost: about €2500.


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